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1. A Survey Fee of $65.00+GST and freight of $25.00+GST will be charged on all Wavecom Instruments manufactured products if the issued Quote is Not accepted or if No fault can be found with the unit.

2. All non Wavecom Instruments manufactured products will have a Survey fee and Freight charge, which will be issued at the time of quote which will be charged if the issued Quote is Not accepted or if No fault can be found.

3. No repairs will be undertaken until formal approval is given, in the form of a purchase order number, credit card details or a remittance notice.

4. All instruments will be returned to point of origin after 3 months from date of quote if no approval has been given and the Survey Fee and freight charges on the quote will be charged.

5. All repair enquiries should be directed to or to Calibrations Services, Wavecom Instruments on 08 8243 3500.
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